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Prior to setting up Somerset property finders Nina, along with her husband; Toby, was a founding partner of residential property Development Company based in London. Nina was heavily involved in both the acquisition and interior design of investments in London, however having moved to Somerset in 1993 to raise a family Nina and Toby began to spend more and more time focusing on the local market. Toby is now exclusively focused on development opportunities in Somerset and Nina is 100% committed to providing a bespoke property finding agency in the local area.

The combination of sending three kids to a local independent school, and the growth of a network of individuals and professionals in the area has enabled Nina to provide a genuinely unique search agency that is tailored to meet each individual client’s needs. Somerset Property Finders has facilitated a number of genuinely “off-market” acquisitions and rentals for clients over the years and will treat each potential sale/rental with the appropriate discretion. A number of our clients are new to the area (or even country) and require a comprehensive background into local area transport, amenities, schools, businesses and personal experiences. We are happy to personal experiences, contacts and recommendations with all of our clients whenever the client needs.

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